FFXIII: Vocals, Visuals & Trial Runs
Xin    2009-03-31, 07:23 am.

With FFVII:Advent Children Complete just over the horizon, the demo for Final Fantasy XIII can finally be yours. But what should you expect?

From a technical aspect, the demo is from a 2008 build of the game, and according to director Motomu Toriyama represents only 50% of the title's current state. When at full power, the team claims FFXIII will draw CG quality scenes in real-time.

Throughout the demo, players will be able to control both Lightning and Snow, with Sazh sometimes showing you the way to victory. Speaking of which, while the traditional victory fanfare may be present in the demo, a new version has been cooked up for the final release.

Last but not least, you're vocal cast has been revealed for the main cast. Expect to hear alot from Sazh, as he has been given the most dialogue in the game:

Lightning: Maaya Sakamoto Snow: Daiskue Ono Vanille: Yukari Fukui Sazh: Masashi Ehara

Finally, good news for those of us with HD sets: the demo supports full, glorious 1080p output~

→Ne♠Ra←    2009-03-31, 13:32 pm

cant wait to put my hands on that demo.

darklordmagus    2009-03-31, 19:36 pm

can't wait!.. this is getting me excited to play through 3-5, and 12 :) weeeeeeeeeeeee

I hope the NA release of AC:C has a more complete version of the demo with more polished graphics. either way.... weeeeeeeeeeeee

First Class Soldier    2009-03-31, 22:33 pm

This is the japanese version right?

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