Advent Children Complete: On The Way To Release
Xin    2009-03-31, 23:44 pm.

The final JP trailer for Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete was released a few days ago, and without a computer, I missed it. Let's fix that.

The trailer details some of the new scenes included in the Blu-Ray exclusive, most notably showcasing how Denzel meets Cloud and the crew. A highway battle between the good and bad guys is also seen. Look closely, and you may even find an origami chocobo.

The halfway ark switches focuses to the sets extras, including the OVA "On The Way To A Smile" and various behind the scenes and retrospectives on the FFVII Compilation.

Last but not least, one last look at the Final Fantasy XIII Demo packaged with frst runs of FFVII:ACC. All in all, the trailer clocks in at just over five minutes.

If you have a PlayStation 3, you can download the video from the JP side of PSN. If not, we have YouTube and HD downloads here as well

Link >> YouTube Link >> YouTube HD Link >> 720p Download

A new theme song is also featured in the clip. Entitled "Safe and Sound", the track once again features Kyosuke Himuro on vocals, with lyrics & backing vocals by Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance. Follow the link above for a sample~

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