SquareEnix Teases A New Title In OPM
Xin    2009-04-09, 03:41 am.

It's a new year, kinda anyways. New things are happening all the time. New days, new seasons, new mergers. And according to OPM, new games as well.


The above is a scan from this month's Official PlayStation Magazine, detailing a feature for the next month's issue of an as yet unannounced SquareEnix game.

And until that issue is out, this is absolutely all we know if it. Stay tuned~

kweh!    2009-04-09, 03:45 am

I think it's going to be that FFVII and Tomb Raider cross over we were all hoping for.

darklordmagus    2009-04-09, 04:03 am

i dunno, but im buying it... looks sick!

Ikuzo    2009-04-09, 08:40 am

All the SQ titles look the same these days... That character has the latest 2009 model of Buster Sword strapped to his back there...

kula shakerz    2009-04-09, 09:50 am

Maybe its their new MMO?

C10UD    2009-04-09, 11:52 am

I'm already bummed because its being discussed in OPM and not NintendoPower!

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