Final Fantasy Tactics Heads To PSN
Xin    2009-05-13, 03:45 am.

Once again, Sony Computer Entertainment Japan brings joy to their fans, while their american counterparts continue to be useless. I'm almost certain they no longer remember what a psOne game is.

Anyways, on May 13th, PS3 users with access to the Japanese PSN and ¥1000JPY($10USD) can pick up the original release of Final Fantasy Tactics to play on their PS3/PSP.

And while SCEA has promised a larger psOne presence on the US PlayStation Network, don't expect to see this (or the recently re-released FFVII) anytime soon~

kula shakerz    2009-05-13, 07:43 am

I already have Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions so I don't think I would have gotten this anyway. I want FFVII though ...

kweh!    2009-05-13, 09:25 am

This is just mean.

First Class Soldier    2009-05-16, 01:35 am

I have the War of The Lions so I allready have this with nice cutscenes, online, and enhanced adio, visuals, etc. I would take FF7 anyday though

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