Final Fantasy Tactics
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It is said that Delita was the war hero, ending the battle to peoples' satisfaction and eventually becoming the Savior King , maintaining peace for the longest time. However, unveiled in a long-hidden book is the existence of another brave young man. Forgotten by history, Ramza was his name: he was the other war hero that never got the publics attention.

Surprisingly enough, Ramza and Delita were the best of friends during their years at the military academy. According to the book, Ramza was the true war hero. Who are we to believe?

Final Fantasy Tactics Heads To PSN

Xin    2009-05-13    3 comments

Once again, Sony Computer Entertainment Japan brings joy to their fans, while their american counterparts continue to be useless. I'm almost certain they no longer remember what a psOne game is. Anyways, on May 13th, PS3 users with access to the Japanese PSN and ¥1000JPY($10USD) can pick up the original release of Final Fantasy Tactics to play on their PS3/PSP....