The Mystery Game Revealed: Nier For PS3 & 360
Xin    2009-05-28, 23:15 pm.

For a little over a month we've been wondering what exactly this game is that SQEX has been teasing in various magazines around the world, and today we finally have an answer.

Nier is an upcoming Action-Adventure title for PS3 & 360, along the lines of a DMC or Ninja Gaiden. Unlike DMC or NG, Nier seems to feature a bit of a plot, focusing on a man in his thirties searching for a cure to an illness his young daughter has contracted.

SquareEnix has promised three big reveals at E3 next week, so hopefully we here more about it from Los Angeles~

kula shakerz    2009-05-29, 07:37 am

Hopefully it'll come before 2020.

Xin    2009-05-29, 15:10 pm

its apparently been in development for a long time. it's a 360 lead title and has been in QA in the US for a decent time now.

Iso    2009-05-29, 15:32 pm

The whole cure for daughter thing seems interesting. A bit of backdrop means a lot in a game.

KainZ7    2009-05-30, 00:49 am

the game is scheduled to relase on 2010, and its being produced by Cavia, i knew it looked just like Drakengard ^^

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