New Countdown Up
Brendan    2009-07-31, 07:13 am.

Teaser Site. There's the link to Square Enix's latest countdown website for something new and unusual. Any ideas? Throw them out in the comments below.

darklordmagus    2009-07-31, 14:27 pm

anyone know of any games that take place in 7 days, ooor?.... maybe the roman numerals count the days, the digital clock the hours minutes and seconds....

it KINDAAAAAAA looks like a bahamut figure in the background when playuing with the angle of my laptop screen here at work, buuut i dunno, is there a website for Neir?... and what do you all think about the smoking numbers?

Xin    2009-07-31, 15:31 pm

It's for Lord of Vermillion, a card-based arcade game released in Japan last year. This is either for an arcade version update or console port.

Suikojin    2009-07-31, 18:12 pm

Yeah, the card game has illustrators from many FF games and some other artists. Looks cool but not something I think many North Americans wants.

First Class Soldier    2009-07-31, 20:03 pm

What if its the first Final Fantasies?

Nimbus    2009-08-01, 08:11 am

When you said 7 days, I was thinking TWEWY, but the style of the site looks nothing like it.

final-bahamut    2009-08-02, 10:04 am

Looks hot! I bet it's an action game, it's nowhere near on an RPG based on the design.

Xin    2009-08-05, 04:42 am

Confirmation today from Famitsu - Lord of Vermillion 2 for JP Arcades

J3nova    2009-08-06, 14:50 pm

Meh kind of a letdown

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