FFXIII Coming To Europe During Spring 2010
kula shakerz    2009-08-20, 19:53 pm.

Final Fantasy producer Yoshinori Kitase told VG247 that Final Fantasy XIII will get released in Europe and North America simultaneously on both PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 during spring 2010.

"We don’t have the actual month down yet, but in Japan it’s scheduled for a winter release, and in Europe and North American territoriers it’s spring 2010," said the producer.

He added: "For Europe and North America, the PS3 and 360 versions are going to be released simultaneously."

Kitase also said that they have been working hard to cut down the wait for European and North American gamers.

"For previous titles it took usually about a year to localise each version and bring it over to Europe, but for this title there should be a considerably shorter gap and [we'll] bring it to European territories as close to the North American release as possible."

They also mentioned that the Xbox version would probably require 3 DVDs.

darklordmagus    2009-08-20, 20:29 pm

if a ps3 is owned.. do we care about the 360 version?.. i have both systems but woouldn't be caught dead with a 360 version just for graphical purposes =)...


based on those screen comparisons a few weeks back, why are they cutting down the quality of the graphics??

darklordmagus    2009-08-20, 20:37 pm

ps.. im not a hater, just a realist as to which is a better system based on hardware.

kweh!    2009-08-20, 23:56 pm

I had heard that the earlier screens were renders made for promotion and that the newer screens are rendered by the in-game engine. Of course, I could just be wrong. But I'd rather a slight drop in texture than frame-rate drops.

Xin    2009-08-21, 00:59 am

The earlier screens were in engine, but on the original version of Crystal Tools, aka The White Engine - a development architecture created around the transition from PS2 to PS3.

The current Crystal Tools is a modified White Engine designed to function on all platforms.

darklordmagus    2009-08-21, 22:28 pm

See, so why is it now that ps3 owners have to settle for lesser graphics just to make the game multiplatform.. I think SQE is making a BIG mistake in not spending the cash to rework the game for 360 separately...

thy_beast    2009-08-23, 02:02 am

isnt this game going to be full HD, so therefore there will be pretty much no graphical cut back. even so it will look nicer than crysis. oh wait... nearly every game looks better than crysis's ugly mess. well thats off topic but my point is its gonna look nice on xbox, nicer on ps3

darklordmagus    2009-08-24, 15:18 pm

I hope they use the ps3 to it's full advantage.. (after playing Batman Arkham Asylum demo, and getting it tomorrow, I can see the potential that SQE can surpass, even though this is an Edios title) that's all I'm saying. SQE needs to stop cutting back on it's production costs for it's main and most profitable series (from the Squaresoft end)

KainZ7    2009-08-24, 18:18 pm

Everyone might want to read this here:


There goes this theory of graphics being debunked. now lets just wait for this masterpiece to be released =)

darklordmagus    2009-08-24, 22:32 pm

thank you for that, although the real comparison shot is missing from the post ... puts my heart at ease, this does.

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