Dissidia: Final Fantasy Sequel Announced (UPDATE)
Xin    2010-09-08, 03:14 am.

Tokyo Game show is becoming a little more interesting, with today's announcement in Shonen Jump that Dissidia: Final Fantasy is indeed getting a sequel.

Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy, with the '012' part pronounced as 'Duodecim', is already in development for PSP and scheduled for release in 2011. The game is so far along that it will already be playable at Tokyo Game Show next week.

But Dissidia is all about the characters. It's confirmed that Garland (FFI) and Cecil Harvey (FFIV) will be returning, but who are the first new recruits? The scan below should help with that.


kweh!    2010-09-08, 03:26 am

Hmm. Oh. Ok.

→Ne♠Ra←    2010-09-08, 16:43 pm

that's cool. =)

<Ex>    2010-09-09, 00:58 am

hellz yes. but damn, this means i have to buy a new psp as well since i don't have access to one anymore... ;_;

kweh!    2010-09-09, 01:27 am

It's good to see that the genre is still listed as "dramatic progressive action."

final-bahamut    2010-09-11, 17:37 pm

I love Kain =) Am guessing the YuRiPa team will debut too this time..

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