Everyone Is Back For Dissidia 012: Final Fantasy
Xin    2010-09-15, 05:51 am.

There's an interview with Tetsuya Nomura in Famitsu this week, mostly concerning Dissidia 012: Final Fantasy, and if you were a fan of the first, you'll probably love the second.

Every character featured in the original Dissidia: Final Fantasy is returning for this sequel, in addition to the numerous new characters who will be arriving. You should also keep your save from the original, as it will have an as yet unrevealed function in the sequel.

There will also be a new Assist System, where fighters can call for backup, allowing up to 4 characters to fight at one time. On the new character side, it was revealed that Lightning (FFXIII) will retain her Paradigm Shift abilities in DD:FF as well.

So at the very least, you now know about 24 of the playable characters in Duodecim, with many, many more to come~

MegamanX1331    2010-09-15, 15:48 pm

Oh my dear sweet god. This is fantastic. I wonder if I can hold out hope for Locke and Gilgamesh?

<Ex>    2010-09-15, 16:18 pm

24? who's new other than lightning?

Xin    2010-09-15, 16:30 pm

Kain from FFIV. bump Lightning lolol

DarkSorastrife    2010-09-15, 16:40 pm

Can't wait to see who else they unveil...the fact that everyone is coming back from the first.. PLUS many more.. Tag Team Tidus and Yuna! hahaha

Xin    2010-09-15, 16:59 pm

I know two I really want to see are Celes Chere and Balthier n.n

<Ex>    2010-09-15, 20:19 pm

i want to see zack and yuffie. ;_; also zell and seifer

kweh!    2010-09-16, 00:57 am

Wakka's baby is going to be an unlockable!

→Ne♠Ra←    2010-09-16, 01:43 am

It's weird that none of you mentioned Auron! D:

kweh!    2010-09-16, 03:33 am

No, it isn't D:

Xin    2010-09-16, 11:43 am

The next new character is Tifa Lockheart. There will be a news post when images show up

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