Bravely Default sells 200k in the US, Outsells LR:FFXIII
Xin    2014-03-14, 03:27 am.

You've got to hand it to Bravely Default. Here is a new IP, targeting a relatively niche market, with some traditional RPG elements at it's core, that SquareEnix had no intention of releasing outside of Japan. That's a lot going against you in this industry. So again, you have to give the game a bit of credit for moving 200k units in just three weeks, and on a portable system, no less.

It also outsold Square's other big release of the month, Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, which checks in at 164k sold. Is it really a surprise that a third tier sequel was outsold by a new IP? In this era of yearly releases of basically the same game, I would say yes. But that's also a good thing, and should increase Bravely Second's chances of making it out of Japan.

Brendan    2014-03-14, 04:33 am

Good news for Bravely Fans and, coincidentally, FF fans as well! Hopefully this supercharges the Bravely team into receiving a console release? I can dream.

Vivi 88    2014-03-15, 18:36 pm

Wish they would release the sequel for the Vita as well. The console is awesome but it really lacks good games.

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