Square Enix launches English manga ebook distribution in April
kula shakerz    2014-03-25, 14:48 pm.

Square Enix has announced that they are partnering up with Yen Press, the manga and graphic novel imprint of Hachette Book Group, to launch an ebook manga distribution service in English.

The first 175 titles will be made available through Amazon, the Apple App Store, Barnes and Noble, Google and Kobo on April 8th and more titles will be released on an ongoing basis as they become available.

In much the same way that video streaming technologies transformed the way fans consume anime, the digital availability of manga content stands to revolutionize readers' access to the material they love. Kurt Hassler - Yen Press

Titles such as Yana Toboso's Black Butler, Atsushi Ohkubo's Soul Eater and Yoshiki Tonogai's Doubt will be available from day one while Fullmetal Alchemist by Hiromu Arakawa, Higurashi When They Cry by Ryukishi07 and Hiroshi Takashige and Double-S's Until Death Do Us Part will follow shortly after.

Manga has a truly global community of enthusiasts, and Yen Press could not be prouder to help connect these brilliant creators with the worldwide readership clamoring for their work. Kurt Hassler - Yen Press

k3fka!    2014-03-25, 20:43 pm

Maybe I'm weird but I prefer to read on paper.

yellowmage    2014-03-28, 03:17 am

So do I in theory but, in practice, space on my bookshelf is severely limited as is.

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