Tactics Advance Out Now on Wii U in EU and NA
Brendan    2016-01-29, 03:33 am.

To the surprise and delight of Final Fantasy Tactics fans in the United States, Square Enix has released the game for both Europe and North America today. The announcement of a European virtual release preceded a North American confirmation by a few days; but as of this morning the title is live in both virtual console stores. In North America, it is priced a $7.99. Prices vary in Europe by region.

Brendan    2016-01-29, 05:59 am

There's a lot of U in this article's title.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Comes to Wii U

Brendan    2016-01-26    0 comments

Nintendo owners are in for another Final Fantasy related treat as news has broken that Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, the 2003 GBA spiritual sequel to Final Fantasy Tactics, is headed to the Nintendo Wii U eShop for Europe this Thursday. Between Final Fantasy Explorers, Final Fantasy IX for mobile, and the constant barrage of Final Fantasy XV news, Square Enix...

Handheld game of the year

kula shakerz    2004-03-07    0 comments

Square Enix's tactical RPG Game Boy Advance title Final Fantasy Tactics Advance won an award for handheld game of the year at the annual Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences award ceremony.

FF:TA sells well in the U.S.

kula shakerz    2003-10-25    0 comments

The North American videogame sales figures for September were released by NPD TRSTS. Final Fantasy Tactics Advance took the #2 spot selling a total of 203,088 copies in its first month. The title has sold a total of over 600,000 copies worldwide, and that number will definitely increase as the title is brought over to Europe.