Chrono Break trademark abandoned in the US
sifar    2004-01-10, 07:48 am.

Square Enix has let go of its trademark, Chrono Break, with the US Patent and Trademark Office. However, they are still holding on to their trademark, Chrono Brake, in Japan. It is still uncertain where this puts the popular series as no mention has been made by Square Enix in regards to a new Chrono game. It is known that Masato Katou, Scenario Writer of the Chrono games, left Square Enix after doing his work in Final Fantasy XI. He is now a freelance writer and has worked most recently on MonolithSoft and Namco's Baten Kaitos for the GameCube.

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Chrono Break is official!

sifar    2003-04-01    0 comments

Square Enix released some suprising information on its official site. They mentioned that Chrono Break was to appear in Japan by the end of 2003. The game is being made for the PlayStation 2 and was being worked on alongside the time Unlimited SaGa was being worked on. The project is around 40% complete and is moving fast towards its...