Dragon Quest V released today in Jap. Stores
sifar    2004-03-25, 14:08 pm.

Square Enix released Dragon Quest V today and is being sold in stores throughout Japan. The original DQ5 was released in 1992 for the Super FamiCom and sold over 2.8 million copies. The PS2 remake has got great attention from fans as it has been in Famitsu's Top 5 most wanted games for several weeks now.

In Shinjuku, a store opened an hour and a half eariler, at 8:30am, so that fans could get the game as soon as possible. There were 40 people waiting in line outside the store before it had even opened. The store actually set up a seperate cash register for DQ5 sales alone so that congestion could be avoided and gamers could go back home or to work to play the new game. Apparently, fans have been coming in consistently today in order to purchase the title.

In Akihabara, a store opened an hour earlier at 9:00am. Seven people were seen outside waiting for the title at 7:00am, and by 9:00am there were roughly 20 people in the store purchasing the title. Dragon Quest V is expected to sell well in Japan. More details on the quantities shipped to stores and first sales estimates should arrive within a day or two. Both stores had the Dragon Quest theme song running so as to create the mood of buying the game.

Link >> DQ5 fans in Jap. Stores Image #1 Link >> DQ5 fans in Jap. Stores Image #2 Link >> DQ5 fans in Jap. Stores Image #3 Link >> DQ5 fans in Jap. Stores Image #4 Link >> DQ5 fans in Jap. Stores Image #5

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