Famitsu reveals Radiata Stories detail
Ikuzo    2004-09-01, 09:13 am.

Radiata Stories is a new RPG title developed by Tri-Ace and published by Square Enix. The latest issue of Famitsu magazine reveals its details in an in-depth 6 page coverage, and so far, the game is looking very playable and interesting.

Radiata Stories follows a 16 year-old hero by the name of Jack Russell, who lives out in a village named 'Soleil', just a mile away from the Kingdom of Radiata. Long time a go, his father, Cairn Russell, was famous for being a dragon slayer but nowadays, Jack lives with his sister in Soleil. To test his skills and become worthy in his father's name, he goes to the Kingdom of Radiata on his 16th birthday.

Jack joins the Kingdom's Recruit Test group where he meets the heroine by the name of Ridley Timberlake, aged 16. Being 0\/\/||3|2 by Ridley all throughout the competitive tests, he manages to luckily pass the test. Jack and Ridley is assigned to a newly established company, 'Rose Cochon', lead by Gantz (Chubby guy in blue armor, who is hopeless as leading).

Jack and Ridney's relationship is bitter and sweet. Whenever they meet, they're instantly fighting. Their roots are very contrasting: Jack comes from a village, hoping to become noble knight like his father - Ridley comes from a wealthy Timberlake family, grew up to become a knight. ...Their personality is completely opposite.

The world of Radiata Stories is divided into two races: the humans and the monsters (Elf, Dwarfs, Goblins etc.). Both races never liked each other, but there was no disturbance in both realms by each other, until recently. Something fired the splinter and flames of war arises, and Rose Cochon gets wrapped up within its heat.

The battle system looks pretty much similar to Star Ocean III: Till the End of Time, where four characters move around in real-time slashing like mad at the target (man, I hate that chubbly Gantz guy...). Famitsu points out that during the battle, a little yellow icon appears next to the character portrait at the top of the screen, suggesting it's probably just a sign informing that the character is in action/attacking. There's a system called the 'Link Battle'. 'Link Battle' is basically just the party stance, for example, 'Line Link' sets up the party stance in a straight line. Each 'Link' will have its special abilities and more. Another system is the 'Volti System'. In Final Fantasy's term, it's the Limit Break. When the yellow gauge fill up to max, you can use your special skills.

There are more than 150 playable characters! (sounds like pokemon). Jobs and Races differ from Knights to Monks, Humans to Monsters, each with individuality.

Day to noon, evening to night, the flow of time exists in the world of Radiata Stories. (Although Famitsu makes it sound like a break through system) Some characters can only be met at certain time, some shops are only open during a certain time, the usual... EXCEPT! Enemy monsters also sleep at night... xD Hopefully, they aren't stupid enough to be sleeping in an open field...

That'll all from Famitsu. Radiata Stories is set for release in Spring 2005 for the PS2, just after Final Fantasy XII.

Link >> Official Radiata Stories site

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Radiata Stories US Site Opens

Xin    2005-08-08    0 comments

Square-Enix has opened the US Site for their upcoming release Radiata Stories. For the time, not much is available, just the featured splash page, a glimpse of the game's cover art, and an option to preorder the game for yourself online. Also available is the first english language trailer of the game. Link >> Radiata Stories US Site Radiata Stories...

Radiata Stories US Release Date + Cover Art

Xin    2005-07-18    0 comments

Square-Enix have announced that Radiata Stories will be released in the US on September 6th. The story of Jack Russell, Ridley Timberlake, and a cast of more than 175 playable characters will look to make an impressive entry into the US Gaming Market. Featuring a fully interactive gaming environment and a real time battle system can only help it along...

Radiata Stories OST release date

sifar    2005-02-22    0 comments

It was announced by Team Entertainment that Radiata Stories's Original Soundtrack would be released on February 23, 3005 for 3,200 JPY. The album will contain 79 tracks composed by Noriyuki Iwadare, and be available on two CDs. Its catalogue number is KDSD-00061~62.