Tokyo Game Show 2004 exclusive quest
Ikuzo    2004-09-20, 03:20 am.

According to Square Enix's official site, Radiata Stories will be showcased as a TGS2004 special version which includes exclusive quests to allow players into the world of Radiata Stories in the short time that they have playing.

There are two modes made available for playing. Selecting Event Mode, players can experience the opening of the game where you step into the role of Jack Russell to head for the Kingdom of Radiata to join the troops, and be assigned to Rose Cochon where you'll meet Ridley Timberlake. This mode has a lot of dialogue thrown between characters to get players into the story. Selecting Game Mode, players can group a party to go on quests with battles with enemies and bosses. This mode is more battle oriented, introducing its battle system to its players.

Each players will be provided with different party members, with different abilities and Link Battle settings. There are more than 150 playable characters... Also, depending on how you progress through the demo, the ending after defeating the boss will change aswell :D

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Radiata Stories US Site Opens

Xin    2005-08-08    0 comments

Square-Enix has opened the US Site for their upcoming release Radiata Stories. For the time, not much is available, just the featured splash page, a glimpse of the game's cover art, and an option to preorder the game for yourself online. Also available is the first english language trailer of the game. Link >> Radiata Stories US Site Radiata Stories...

Radiata Stories US Release Date + Cover Art

Xin    2005-07-18    0 comments

Square-Enix have announced that Radiata Stories will be released in the US on September 6th. The story of Jack Russell, Ridley Timberlake, and a cast of more than 175 playable characters will look to make an impressive entry into the US Gaming Market. Featuring a fully interactive gaming environment and a real time battle system can only help it along...

Radiata Stories OST release date

sifar    2005-02-22    0 comments

It was announced by Team Entertainment that Radiata Stories's Original Soundtrack would be released on February 23, 3005 for 3,200 JPY. The album will contain 79 tracks composed by Noriyuki Iwadare, and be available on two CDs. Its catalogue number is KDSD-00061~62.