FMA: The Movie Release Date + Info
Xin    2005-04-01, 13:17 pm.

New information has been made available regarding the upcoming movie to the Fullmetal Alchemist anime series, Fullmetal Alchemist: The Conquerer Of Shambala. As a note, please be aware that if you have not seen the anime in its entirety, that reading beyond will spoil the anime's ending for you.

Two Years have passed since Edward Elric passed through The Gate to restore his younger brother Alphonse Elric to his normal self. Now, Ed finds himself on the otherside, in a strange land known as Germany searching for his way home, while back on the other side, his brother Alphonse searches for a way to bring him home to Risembool.

It's 1923 Munich, Germany, a world completely unfamiliar to young Edward Elric. Unable to use Alchemy in this strange land, Ed focuses his thoughts on Rocketry, hoping to use it to blast through space and back to his own world. It's in his search for a way home he encounters a young man, with looks identical to his younger brother back home. His name is Alphonse Heiderich.

With the fear of the rise of the Nazi Faction, the loss of Alchemy, the appearance of an Alphonse identical to his own brother, and the thought of the Homonculus Envy also being on this side of The Gate, Edward's struggles seem to be at an all time high. And what has become of the Homonculus Wrath on Alphonse Elric's side of the gate?

Fullmetal Alchemist: The Conquerer Of Shambala will be released in Japanese Theaters on July 23rd 2005. As of yet a US Release has not been announced, but expect it to appear in sometime after the series ends its intial US run in late 2005.

It was also confirmed that popular J-Rock act L'arc~en~Ciel will perform the Movie's theme song. The group also provided the Anime series with it's second opening theme, READY STEADY GO!!

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