Fullmetal Alchemist Movie News
Xin    2005-04-29, 23:03 pm.

The official website to the upcoming movie Fullmetal Alchemist: The Conquerer of Shambala has been updated recently to include new character information as well as a third trailer showcasing music and scenes from the film. It is worth noting that the new trailer is very familiar to the trailer that was removed from the site after only a few hours online last month, but does contain a few new scenes.

The character section of the website has also been updated to include three new characters. The first of which is Karl Haushofer, the Professor shown in the Final Episode of the series with Hoenheim, and Karl Höss, a young man shown in soldier's attire. It is worth noting both of these men are based on real life persons with the same name, and both were prominent figures of the Nazi Party in World War II, which will have a substantial role in the film as well. The third character is referred to only as "A lodging house landlady", and bears a striking resemblance to the wife of Maes Hughes, Glacia.

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Also, As previously announced, J-Rock band L'Arc~en~Ciel will be performing the main theme for the upcoming film. The track, which can be heard in the new trailer, is entitled "Lost Heaven", and will be available with the band's new album "Awake" scheduled to release on June 22nd.

Fullmetal Alchemist: The Conquerer of Shambala will debut in Japanese Theaters on July 23rd. A release outside of Japan has yet to be confirmed.

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