Drakengard 2 Site Updates
Xin    2005-04-07, 15:46 pm.

The Official Website of the upcoming Action RPG sequel Drakengard 2: Love Red, Ambivalence Black has had a number of updates recently, most notably in it's Character and Movie sections.

The Character section of the Site now contains information on numerous characters. Featured are Main Characters Nowe and Manah, Legna the Blue Dragon, a new female character by the name of Eris, and returning character Seere from the first game. Also featured are three new playable characters, The God of Death Urick, The Gladiator-esque Zhangpo, and the newest character, Yaha.

Also featured for the characters are their various voice actors, who include Japanese star Rolly as the voice of Yaha, Tatsuya Gashuin as Zhangpo, and Saiku Aibu as Eris. Ryou Katsuji will be the voice of main character Nowe, and actress Koyuki, best known in the US for her role as Taka in The Last Samurai, will provide the voice for Manah.

The Movie section of the site now contains a second trailer, showcasing new scenes of the game's story as well as the newly introduced characters and their voices. A third movie is also available, and is a Two Minute prologue to the game's story.

Link >> Drakengard 2 Official Site

Drakengard 2: Love Red, Ambivalence Black will be available in Japan on June 16th for 6800 Yen ($62.72 USD)

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