First Front Mission 5 Details Revealed
kula shakerz    2005-09-26, 14:08 pm.

The newest issue of Weekly Shounen JUMP revealed that Square Enix will release the newest addition to its popular mech series Front Mission in Japan on December 29th. Previously, Front Mission 5: Scars of the War was only listed for a December release in Japan. The game's protagonist is Fen Walter, a soldier serving in the USN military. Heroine Lin Wainright is a female officer yielding from the same institution as Fen and cares about him. Front Mission 5 will feature a lot of dramatic event scenes focusing not only on the war, but also about the relationship between Fen and Lin as wel as the soldiers' everyday life.

Front Mission 5: Scars of the War will be available in Japan on December 29th. No price has been announced at this point.

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Two new Front Mission 5 trailers

sifar    2005-09-30    0 comments

Square Enix has released two new trailers for its upcoming strategy RPG, Front Mission 5: Scars of the War. The videos show some of the important characters, the breathtaking visuals and the great soundtrack one can expect to be in the game. Link >> FM5 1 min Trailer Link >> FM5 2.5 min Trailer The game is set to be...

Front Mission 4 released in North America

kula shakerz    2004-06-18    0 comments

Square Enix USA has shipped Front Mission 4 for PlayStation 2 to retail stores in North America. The fourth installment in the popular tactical mech series, developed by Toshirou Tsuchida's sixth development team, was released in Japan last December, selling 240,000 copies to date. Front Mission 4 carries a suggested retail price of $49.99 US.

New Front Mission 4 details and screenshots

sifar    2004-03-30    0 comments

Square Enix released some new information about the demo of Front Mission 4. It will include a gameplay tutorial, four playable stages, multiple unlockable bonus stages, and a save feature that can be used with the original game this summer (Discussed here in a previous news post). In related news, IGN has posted a couple of screenshots from Front Mission...