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“The Seven Wonders” is a group of ancient structures shrouded in mystery. Legend has it that the powers of long-absent gods lie within and their release will trigger a rebirth of the Golden Age. The Seven Wonders are scattered across parched deserts, frigid tundra, harsh mountains and raging seas – all remnants of a time when evil forces ran amok.

Some believe the legend, others dismiss it as a fairy tale – still, adventurers strive to conquer the Seven Wonders and discover their long-entombed secrets.

In the complex mosaic of human history, Iskandar has been classified as a young conquering king, a legendary hero, a ruthless tyrant, and even a dragon’s descendant. Conquering nearly half the known world, along with vast, unexplored territories, the crusades of Iskandar laid the groundwork for a newfound exchange of knowledge, people and commodities across the world.

Iskandar became a legend in his own time and is one of the most frequently researched figures in history. His existence, however, is nothing short of enigmatic. Iskandar’s ultimate fate has been attributed to assassination, sickness, elopement or even ascension. Others claim that he never existed at all. Some attribute his success to the legacy of the Seven Wonders. The town that he founded, Iskandaria, is adjacent to Undercity Pharos, one of the Seven Wonders. Legend has it that his minions used both magic and supernatural weaponry.

Unlimited SaGa released in Europe

kula shakerz    2003-11-01    0 comments

Unlimited SaGa was released in Europe on October 31st 2003. The game will be available as a luxury packaged 2 disc collectors' edition set and includes the exclusive DVD "Eternal Calm, Final Fantasy X-2: Prologue". Previously unseen outside Japan, "Eternal Calm, Final Fantasy X-2: Prologue" has recently been remastered with English voiceovers, subtitles in five languages and an updated scene,...

UNLIMITED:SaGa Collectors Box

sifar    2003-09-11    0 comments

Square Enix has announced the UNLIMITED:SaGa Collectors Box for release in North America and Europe. The re-release will come with a special DVD containing the infamous prelude to Final Fantasy X-2, Eien No Nagi-bushi (More widely known as Final Fantasy X: Another Story). The trailer which was originally released in Japan as part of Final Fantasy X International in January...

Atari will publish U-SaGa in Europe

sifar    2003-06-20    0 comments

Atari (formerly Infogrames) will publish Square Enix's PlayStation 2 RPG Unlimited SaGa in Europe this fall. It seems the game will ship with the infamous trailer originally included in the Japanese version of Final Fantasy X International, Final Fantasy X Another Story. The trailer serves as a bridge between the story arcs of Final Fantasy X and its sequel Final...