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Unlimited SaGa

Unlimited SaGa released in Europe

kula shakerz    2003-11-01    0 comments

Unlimited SaGa was released in Europe on October 31st 2003. The game will be available as a luxury packaged 2 disc collectors' edition set and includes the exclusive DVD "Eternal Calm, Final Fantasy X-2: Prologue". Previously unseen outside Japan, "Eternal Calm, Final Fantasy X-2: Prologue" has recently been remastered with English voiceovers, subtitles in five languages and an updated scene,...

UNLIMITED:SaGa Collectors Box

sifar    2003-09-11    0 comments

Square Enix has announced the UNLIMITED:SaGa Collectors Box for release in North America and Europe. The re-release will come with a special DVD containing the infamous prelude to Final Fantasy X-2, Eien No Nagi-bushi (More widely known as Final Fantasy X: Another Story). The trailer which was originally released in Japan as part of Final Fantasy X International in January...

Atari will publish U-SaGa in Europe

sifar    2003-06-20    0 comments

Atari (formerly Infogrames) will publish Square Enix's PlayStation 2 RPG Unlimited SaGa in Europe this fall. It seems the game will ship with the infamous trailer originally included in the Japanese version of Final Fantasy X International, Final Fantasy X Another Story. The trailer serves as a bridge between the story arcs of Final Fantasy X and its sequel Final...

Official Unlimited SaGa site launched

kula shakerz    2003-06-01    0 comments

Square Enix USA has launched the official website of it's PlayStation2 RPG Unlimited SaGa. There is a contest named "Hall of Valor" on the site, the contest will feature bi-monthly challenges. The challenges will require players to correctly answer questions. The participant who manages to correctly answer all questions presented in each such Challenge will become the Grand Prize winner,...

Unlimited SaGa part 2 planned?

sifar    2003-03-30    0 comments

A book related to Unlimited SaGa seemed to have been released in Japan this past Friday and it held some interesting information. It showed the usual info on the characters, the battle system, the items, the monsters and so on and so forth. It also held some interviews with the staff involved in the project. Producer, Akitoshi Kawazu, made an...

New Unlimited SaGa guide by Bent Stuff

sifar    2003-03-09    0 comments

Bent Stuff will publish a large game guide for Square's Unlimited SaGa. The guide will be sold in Japan on March 28, 2003 for approx. 1,800 Yen. The guide is said to make understanding the gameplay, the story and the characters a lot easier. It will also give out many hidden secrets in the game and features many illustrations by...

Unlimited SaGa Will Be Released In US

sifar    2003-02-25    0 comments

Squaresoft has reported to that Unlimited SaGa will hit the shores of North America. The game which was released in Japan this past December was criticized for its weak battle system. Despite this, Square has planned to release the game here. Unlimited SaGa hosts a reel system which was supposedly fairly complicated to use. The game will most probably...

Unlimited SaGa OST Track Listing

sifar    2003-01-09    0 comments

DigiCube has made available the list of tracks that will be in the upcoming Unlimited SaGa OST that is being released Jan.22.2003. The CD set is composed of 2 CDs with 32 and 26 tracks respectively. The 2nd CD will contain 4 bonus tracks of some of the more well-liked themes in the game. Below are the tracks in order:...

Unlimited SaGa OST

sifar    2003-01-06    0 comments

Unlimited SaGa is the most recently released title by Squaresoft. The game has recieved great reviews and now with its upcoming OST release, information about it has become available. The Unlimited SaGa OST CD set will be composed of 2 CDs which will consist of 32 and 26 tracks respectively. On the 2nd CD, there will be an additional 4...

Unlimited SaGa Is Selling Well

kula shakerz    2002-12-29    0 comments

Square's most recent release, Unlimited SaGa has entered the Japanese charts at spot 3 right behind Nintendo's Pokemon Sapphire and Ruby. Unlimited SaGa sold 196,471 copies so far. The two GameBoy Advance games (Sapphire and Ruby) sold another 225,735 and 222,836 copies respectively to bring their totals to 1,391,612 and 1,349,297 copies.

Unlimited SaGa Update

kula shakerz    2002-12-09    0 comments

You can begin the quest of Unlimited Saga as one of the 7 main characters: Laura, Cash, Vent, Judy, Armic, Myth and Ruby. Each character will have 3 or 4 companions and stories, making up a total of 23 playable characters. They will cross over to each other during the adventure. Each character has 5 attributes and 5 elements. If...

New Unlimited SaGa Characters

kula shakerz    2002-10-17    0 comments

Square has revealed some new characters for its Unlimited SaGa. The new characters are: a blonde without a name, Judy and Cash. The story of the game is about a person (the main character) who is going on a adventure to find the seven wonders of the world. If the seven wonders are brought together, then the Gods are supposed...

Square Released More Unlimited Saga Details

kula shakerz    2002-10-04    0 comments

Square has released some new details on their PlayStation 2 RPG Unlimited Saga. Three new characters are revealed. The first is Radu, a delivery boy who likes to dress up himself to attract the girls, he is an archer in battle. The second is Ruby, the younger sister of a famous fortune teller, but her own skills are still very...

Unlimited Saga Release Date for Japan

kula shakerz    2002-09-30    0 comments

Today, Square released some excellent news today concerning the release date for their upcoming PlayStation 2 RPG, Unlimited Saga. The Japanese release day is set to December 19, 2002. This is superb news for Square fans everywhere but there is still wait on when we will be expecting to see Unlimited Saga else where.

TGS: Unlimited SaGa

kula shakerz    2002-09-20    0 comments

While Final Fantasy Tactics Advance offered Square fans something familiar today, the demo of Unlimited: SaGa perhaps raised a few more questions than it answered. Like the last SaGa game, this is a beautiful piece of 2D artwork, but it turns so many ideas of RPG game design around that it's hard to form a firm opinion on the game...