Chrono Cross
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The life of the young boy Serge from a small, secluded fishing village takes an exiting turm for the worse when he his mysteriously transported to a parallel universe. While exploring his new surroundings, he is attacked by unknown assailants, but rescued by a beatifull girl.

Seeking to make sense of what is going on, Serge agrees to join the young woman, Kid, on her quest for a hidden artifact. Little did he know that an adventure of cosmic proportions awaits him on his journey.

Whit agents from a parallel universe searching for him, his life has been anything but dull. Even more unsettling is his encounter with the mysterious demihuman, Lynx, who claims a familiarity that Serge does not feel.

Hunted on all sides with no where to turn, he must puzzle out the motives of his pursuers, all the while trying to understand his own role in this similar yet vastly different world from his own.

Chrono Cross: The Time of Your Life

AlterGenesis-X    2005-03-29    0 comments

At any time in your life, did you wish you could have had an oppurtunity to make two choices instead of one? When you had to make a life changing decision that put you down the path where you are in life. Ever wonder where you would be if you took another path? Chrono Cross is the sequel to the...