Chrono Cross: The Time of Your Life
AlterGenesis-X    2005-03-29, 03:22 am.

At any time in your life, did you wish you could have had an oppurtunity to make two choices instead of one? When you had to make a life changing decision that put you down the path where you are in life. Ever wonder where you would be if you took another path?

Chrono Cross is the sequel to the SNES Chrono Trigger. Chrono Cross manages to live up to its predeccessor and to put forth an extreme enjoyable RPG experience.

The plot revolves around a young boy named Serge who mysteriously gets transported from his small town into an alternate universe. Disoriented and unsure of what had just happened, you help him uncover the secrets of the two worlds.

The overall gameplay is where Chrono Cross truly shines. The battle system is inventive and engaging. First off, each of your characters have Stamina Points which allow your character to use attacks. When this bar is depleted, the turn is over and the character must wait for another turn. The attacks work on a Light, Medium, Strong basis. The weaker the attack the higher the accuracy, the stronger the attack, the lower the accuracy. All of this together makes for fantastic strategic battles that are fun.

The characters abilities are fully customizable. Each character is given open slots in which they can place Elements to allow them to use magic. As your character grows, you gain higher levels to place Elements in, which allow to place use Elements or power up weaker ones. This in itself can be quite fun, deciding on spells needed to beat a certain monster or boss.

Chrono Cross also features a plethora of characters to choose from. This allows for even more diversity among your party. Even with such an expansive amount of characters, Chrono Cross manages to avoid having hollow, cardboard characters and puts forth a well developed cast of characters each have their own personal history and a reason to adventure.

The graphics are fresh. The polygonal touches add beauty to the surroundings and the FMVs are beyond impressive. The spells look fantastic and in-battle graphics are in full 3-D and look great.

The musical score for Chrono Cross in one of the best yet. The music has a very rich feel to it and adds perfect emotion for siutations that occur through the game.

Chrono Cross is a fantasic RPG. With an inventive battle system, deep customization and a large cast of characters Chrono Cross is certainly a treat for all RPG fans. If you haven't played this game yet, do so, and let it take you for a magical journey in time.

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