Secret Characters

kula shakerz    2004-02-28, 12:48 pm.

This guide will help you getting the secret characters to join your clan. Keep in mind that these secret characters might not join your clan.

01 Babus

Clear the "Left Behind" mission, then enter a town and clear the "With Babus" mission.

02 Cheney

Complete a mission with "Snake Shield" as a mission item.

03 Cid

Clear all 300 numbered missions (Secret missions don't count).

04 Eldena

Complete a mission with "Elda's Cup" as a mission item.

05 Ezel

Choose "Gossip" in the Card Shop, then clear the "Reconciliation" mission.

06 Lini

Complete a mission with "The Hero Gaol" as a mission items.

07 Littlevili

Complete the "Clan League" mission.

08 Pallanza

Complete a mission with "Wyrmstone" as a mission item.

09 Quin

Complete the "Missing Professor" mission.

10 Ritz

Clear the "Mortal Snow" mission.

11 Shara

Clear the "A Maiden's Cry" mission, then enter a random town.

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