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Brendan    2007-09-27, 02:18 am.

I wanted to let you all know that I've imported Crisis Core, and the game, for lack of a better word, has knocked my socks off. No really, xntn agrees too. And Orgy does too. Everything about it is addicting. After Dirge of Cerberus' performance, I had begun to lose hope. My hope is now restored.

Crisis Core is ridiculously awesome on so many levels. Despite the fact that I can't understand a word of Japanese, I've managed to piece together enough to get by. For any doubters out there--rest assured. I'll be posting an impressions preview later, when I get a little further into the majesty of this game.

That is all; and you may now return to your meaningless, peon-like lives.

sifar    2007-09-28, 09:47 am

thats good to hear... i really felt it might be another DoC >.>;

kula shakerz    2007-09-28, 15:58 pm

DoC wasn't that bad :p

Crisis Core Out in Europe

kula shakerz    2008-06-20    3 comments

The day is here. Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core has finally been released in Europe. So if you're a fan of the Final Fantasy VII universe and haven't already imported the game then you should go out and pick up a copy.

Getting All Shiny and Fancy

Brendan    2008-06-10    2 comments

Patient gamers native to Europe who, by some stroke of loyalty, have not hooked themselves up with a copy of Crisis Core may want to consider grabbing themselves a Crisis Core PSP bundle when the game launches on the 20th of this month. Otherwise gamers can still buy the standalone version or the collector's edition that comes with the art...

European Crisis Core Release Date

kula shakerz    2008-05-18    0 comments

Square Enix recently announced that the official European release date for Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core will be on the 20th June. Crisis Core sold 350,000 copies in Japan on its release date, including the 77,777 Limited Edition PSP/Crisis Core bundles.Square Enix recently announced that Crisis Core was its best-selling game across all regions from April through September with 710,000...