Infinite Undiscovery Released in North America
kula shakerz    2008-09-02, 09:55 am.

Square's Xbox 360 title Inifnite Undiscovery has been released in North America today. If you are still unsure whether or not you want to purchase the game then you can see the first 10 minutes of the game at Gamersyde.

kweh!    2008-09-03, 01:06 am

I'd like to purchase the game. I'm still deciding on whether I want to purchase the console. As long as Versus XIII remains an exclusive, it seems that I'll stick with the PS3. It's a shame to miss out on an SE game though.

akevari    2008-09-03, 05:59 am

Wow, I think this is the first SquareEnix game I actually have no desire to purchase, whether as an import or a U.S. release. (Okay, except for that wine tasting game, but that hardly counts.) Maybe some future reviews or videos will change my mind, but as it stands I can't really see playing this game.

Andaryu    2008-09-03, 12:34 pm

This and Star Ocean is the only reason why I would ever even consider a 360. They should of just made it for both 360 and PS3. Now I have a rob a freakin bank just to play an RPG...

Infinite Undiscovery Gameplay Video

kula shakerz    2008-06-16    2 comments

A video from the recent Microsoft RPG event featuring Infinite Undiscovery gameplay has surfaced online. The actual gameplay starts about 1 minute and 16 seconds into the movie. Check it out here: Click to watch.

Infinite Undiscovery Gets A Release Date

kula shakerz    2008-05-22    4 comments

The Xbox 360 exclusive Infinite Undiscovery has gotten a release date. The game is set to release worldwide on the 2nd of September 2008. Square Enix is still in need of some geography lessons though, since Europe is still not a part of the "worldwide" release. But don't worry! This time Europeans will only have to wait 3 days as...

New Infinite Undiscovery Scan

kula shakerz    2008-04-23    4 comments

The latest issue of the Japanese video game magazine Famitsu reveals some new Infinite Undiscovery characters. They also said that the official Japanese website will open sometime tomorrow. Check out the scan here: Infinite Undiscovery is developed by tri-Ace and will be published by Square Enix on the Xbox 360. No release date has been announced so far.