Rumor - FFIV: The After Coming To The US
Xin    2008-09-21, 00:18 am.

Hmmm, I don't exactly know the deal with posting rumors here. But, I've had some luck with them before, so let's give it a shot. Worst case scenario: somebody dies.

Wait, i mean, it could be just a rumor. That's it.

It's actually been whispered for a while, but now the news has gained a slightly more steady voice. Final Fantasy IV: The After, the mobile based sequel to the original, is making it's way out of Japan. But not the way you think it is.

Instead of a version for say, iPhone or even DS, the title is rumored to be heading to WiiWare, each episode retailing for about 500-600 points.

Is it true? How could I possibly know, I don't have the sources. Instead, we'll just say it's more than feasible~

V_Translanka    2008-09-21, 02:28 am

Well, w/e way it comes sounds good to me. A generational sequel seems like the only good way to properly do sequels to the FFs anyways...though I'm still gonna hold my hopes for at least a DS port/remake (c'mon! they've got most of the 3D models they could carry over from FFIV DS!)...

kweh!    2008-09-21, 03:38 am

I won't jump up and down just yet. 500-600 points per episode seems a bit expensive.

kula shakerz    2008-09-21, 09:09 am

How much do the Wii points cost?

Xin    2008-09-21, 21:28 pm

$1 = 100points, i think. in Japan the episodes were only about $3.

kweh!    2008-09-22, 00:09 am

In Australia they're $1.50 (about $1.25US these days) for 100 points. Which would make each episode about $7.50 - $9.00AU. In Europe they're 1.00 Euro. Some WiiWare games only cost 500 points, a complete NES game costs 500 points. The most expensive WiiWare titles cost 1500 points, so they would be charging one third the price of a full title for DLC.

V_Translanka    2008-09-22, 01:25 am

Well, like it says, it's still in the how much can we trust rumor prices...? Not that I would be surprised by this being the actual price...

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