Final Fantasy IV the After: Return of the Moon
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Final Fantasy IV Compilation For PSP

Xin    2010-12-13    0 comments

Final Fantasy IV is one of my favorite old-school FFs. And the fact that I've yet to get my hands on the sequel, The After Years, has been disappointing. Thankfully, SquareEnix will remedy this for me next year, as they've announced the Final Fantasy IV Complete Collection for PSP. The pack will contain some updated graphics, not like the NDS...

Final Fantasy IV: The After Is For Everyone

Xin    2009-02-27    3 comments

Whoa, I didn't realize how long it's been, but about six months ago we mentioned the possibility of mobile title Final Fantasy IV: The After heading to the US via WiiWare. Today comes a bit of confirmation, as the game has been given an E rating by the ESRB and slated for a release on Nintendo's powerhouse. Feel free to...

Rumor - FFIV: The After Coming To The US

Xin    2008-09-21    6 comments

Hmmm, I don't exactly know the deal with posting rumors here. But, I've had some luck with them before, so let's give it a shot. Worst case scenario: somebody dies. Wait, i mean, it could be just a rumor. That's it. It's actually been whispered for a while, but now the news has gained a slightly more steady voice. Final...