First Blood of Bahamut Scans
kula shakerz    2008-11-14, 08:47 am.

It has been two days since Square Enix opened a new teaser/countdown site for a game called Blood of Bahamut. Some scans from the latest issue of the monthly Jump Magazine have now confirmed that the title will be a Nintendo DS game.

Check out the first scans here:

picture picture

kweh!    2008-11-14, 09:06 am

Action RPG? Just an RPG according to the scan. Although with the changes taking place in some RPG battle systems the distinction is becoming harder to make. I can't quite make it out clearly because of the blur, but it looks like the guy's name is Ivuki (or something like that, maybe Ivki) and the girl seems to be Yuno or Yui (it's really blurry).

Xin    2008-11-14, 09:13 am

wtfs, I didn't know you had an img viewer like that. also, im disappointed this game isn't next gen ;.; @kweh! - could be ibuki, since the v and b sounds are interchangeable in JP.

kweh!    2008-11-14, 09:16 am

@xin - phonetically it would be Ibuki. But I went for Ivuki because those fancy western "V" sounds seem to be all the rage these days. Also, it seems to sound a bit more natural.

Xin    2008-11-14, 09:17 am

i hope it is. cause there is only one ibuki, and i am so angrii she is not in street fighter 4.

kweh!    2008-11-14, 09:24 am

It may be Ibuki though, because they might have chosen to write it differently (with an "u") if they wanted it to be Ivuki. I guess we'll have to wait and see what the translators say. (What's the deal Kula, why can't I post JP in the comments?)

kula shakerz    2008-11-14, 09:26 am

@xin: all images that are more than 550px wide will get resized like that ;)

kweh!    2008-11-14, 10:15 am

Found a clearer scan. The girl's name is Yui. Sorry Xin, after considering it I think that the guy is almost definitely Ibuki.

Xin    2008-11-14, 22:42 pm

this game gives me a weird feeling. the characters have a distinct chinese feel to them, but the game itself reminds me of sotc.

Ikuzo    2008-11-15, 12:46 pm

up to 4 players! the guy is Ibuki and the girl is Yui

Ibuki is one of the Gigant Tribe who lives on the Gigant's back (the giant walking thing with buildings growing on it) Yui is Ibuki's friend. i cant's read her description from the scan... -=-

Gigant never used to move. Yui and Ibuki tries to find a way to stop Gigant, i guess... gotta go see the actual scan to read what's not on the scan...

Jayz_Bahamut    2008-11-16, 00:07 am

Looks like it's going to be an interesting RPG... Bahamut Lagoon.... Blood of Bahamut.... Hmmmm.....

Blood of Bahamut Gets A Release Date

kula shakerz    2009-05-22    2 comments

Square Enix has announced that the official Japanese release date of Blood of Bahamut for the Nintendo DS will be on August 6. The game is set in a city built on the back of a great beast known as a Gigant. The city suddenly comes under attack and protagonists Ibuki and Yui must defend it as well as other...

Blood of Bahamut Debut Trailer

kula shakerz    2008-11-17    4 comments

The Blood of Bahamut countdown has ended and Square Enix has opened the official site. The website features the usual content such as game info, some character bios, trailers and wallpapers. There will also be a blog sometime in the future. Link >> Click here to watch the trailer. Link >> Click here to visit the official site.

Square Enix Opens New Teaser Website

kula shakerz    2008-11-12    6 comments

Square Enix has opened a new website featuring a picture of some giant creature (probably Bahamut although it kinda looks like Alexander from FFIX) and a countdown that will end in about 5 days. Could it be a sequel to Bahamut Lagoon that got released on the Super Nintendo in Japan in 1996? Who knows ... all we can do...