Final Fantasy XIV: Online Announced; PS3 Exclusive
Xin    2009-06-02, 19:30 pm.

Jack Tretton has just unveiled the first trailer for Final Fantasy XIV, the successor to SquareEnix's highly successful Final Fantasy XI, at Sony's E3 Press Conference.


The game will be an online MMORPG, and is exclusive to the Sony PlayStation 3 platform. Hopefully we will have the trailer for you soon~

kula shakerz    2009-06-02, 19:34 pm

I'm so gonna get this :D

Xin    2009-06-02, 19:35 pm

i'm right there with you

darklordmagus    2009-06-02, 19:57 pm

OH MAN... WHY ONLINE... i loved ffxi, but i never finished it b/c it relied toooooo much on party play and not enough on single play.... i think they should release this and xi offline as well for those who do not wanna dish out 15 bucks a month or dont have the time to play online games :(.... id prolly buy it anyways HAHAHA.... I FAIL. :(

First Class Soldier    2009-06-02, 22:48 pm


Shinraepc    2009-06-02, 22:50 pm

Gonna have to buy this.

Keftenk    2009-06-02, 22:58 pm

Apparently for PC as well.

kweh!    2009-06-02, 23:11 pm

I would only consider it if there were no subscription fees. Also if I had a PS3.

Keftenk    2009-06-03, 00:21 am

lol no sub fees, but mmo. people are crazy

kweh!    2009-06-03, 01:30 am

No. People are poor.

Ikuzo    2009-06-03, 16:07 pm

ill be there ;)

sifar    2009-06-03, 18:20 pm

ah crap >.< ... not again =P

Katsuyo    2009-06-03, 19:19 pm

ahhh man i hope we don't gotta pay to play this one :(

Keftenk    2009-06-03, 20:29 pm

lol u people hoping for no sub fee...

Xin    2009-06-03, 20:55 pm

nice banner :)

Ikuzo    2009-06-03, 22:27 pm

lol @ sifar :)

KainZ7    2009-06-03, 23:17 pm

i heard it will be free to play, but you still have to pay for some itens, armor etc...

Keftenk    2009-06-03, 23:46 pm


kula shakerz    2009-06-04, 09:53 am

@kain: I doubt that's gonna happen. At least I hope not ...

Mokutai Hikaru    2009-07-18, 20:31 pm

I would DEFINITELY play of this game was free to play, as long as we buy the game >.>

sure, an item mall may be unfair, but heck, at least people who can't afford 15 or 10$ a month can still play ^^

Mokutai Hikaru    2009-07-18, 20:36 pm


Since the PSN is free to use, shouldn't FFIV for ps3 be free to play?

Or...will they charge for an account like they did for ps2?


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