More Final Fantasy XIV Information
Xin    2009-06-04, 03:24 am.

Final Fantasy XIV seemed to be the one big surprise from E3 that didn't leak before the conferences. Earlier today, SquareEnix held a Q&A session for their next MMO effort. Here's the info that was discussed:

FFXIV News + There will be a simultaneous worldwide release, with English, Japanese, German and French versions at launch. No plans for Spanish as of yet. + PS3/PC at launch, possibility of porting to other systems later on. + Produced by Hiromichi Tanaka (FFXI Producer), Direceted by Nobuaki Komoto + Nobuo Uematsu will return for Final Fantasy XIV + Art Direction by Akihiko Yoshida (FFXII, Tactics)

FFXIV as it relates to FFXI & PlayOnline + FFXI (Vana'diel) and FFXIV (Eorzea) are completely different game worlds, there is no relation. + PlayOnline will not be used with FFXIV, but you will be able to transfer your FFXI Friend List over to FFXIV. + SquareEnix Security Tokens purchased for FFXI will carry over to FFXIV. + FFXI & PlayOnline will continue well into 2010.

FFXIV Gameplay + Will be more casual friendly, including solo content. Battles will range from many vs. many to many vs. one. + Job system will be "fairly different" from FFXI. "The player can grow & develop in a more natural way without putting too much weight on the player." + Content will range from solo to very large groups, and range from casual to hardcore. + Beta testing is planned, but there are no concrete details as of yet. + No pricing structure has been decided yet.

And that's about all the info we can squeeze in at the moment~

<Ex>    2009-06-04, 04:20 am

sounds amazing really, i might have to get it someday.

darklordmagus    2009-06-04, 14:10 pm

From the sound of things, mainly the fact that I can Solo if I wanted to... i think they have a new member... but why not on PlayOnline?... What was the point of releasing PO to now have something diff for XIV?... and i hope the leveling and reliance on money is changed to be more casual friendly as "casual" was the word used above :)

First Class Soldier    2009-06-04, 14:37 pm

They shouldn't charge at all at least for the PS3. The PSN can definatly do the job

kula shakerz    2009-06-04, 15:17 pm

The servers and bandwidth required to run a MMO is extremely expensive so its not gonna be free.

The FFFanatic    2009-06-04, 21:10 pm

I'm curious to see what the new jobs will be as the classic Final Fantasy jobs have been pretty much static since FFV.

Rin    2009-06-09, 15:04 pm

I told myself I would never play another mmo after WoW but...

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