First Final Fantasy XIV Scans
Xin    2009-08-04, 23:10 pm.

The first set of of scans for Final Fantasy XIV are starting to appear on the internet, straight from Famitsu to your computer. Although pretty low quality, they do fill us in a bit more about the game's races and class system.

For those wondering, these are in-game character models, not CG renders.

Races Lalafell - The Taru's are returning in FFXIV, with this new makeover, even their name is cuter. Roegadyn - Galka's are also back, perhaps a little trimmer, and with 100% less tails than FFXI. Hyuran - Humes, Humans, Hyurans, the name never strays far from their real life inspirations.

Elvaans and Mithra are also heading back, under the names Elzen and Miqo'te. There's a shot of them, and the rest of the races, HERE. Lastly, a NEW RACE has also surfaced, bearing a striking resemblance to the Gria of the Ivalice lineage of FF stories.

Additional FFXIV Images >> 01 | 02 | 03

Also revealed, it seems the job system in FFXIV is split into four different classes, each with its own subset of jobs to choose from:

  • Warrior : Swordsman, Archer
  • Magus : Enchanter, Sorcerer
  • Crafter : Blacksmith, Cook
  • Hunter/Fielder : Gardener, Fisher

At the moment, this info is tentative and based on translation, so things may change. We'll update with higher quality pics when available~

kula shakerz    2009-08-05, 10:58 am

Did they resize the heads of the Lalafells? I seem to remember that Tarus had pretty big heads compared to their bodies.

Storm Owl    2009-08-05, 13:49 pm

are we going to have to pay per month to play?

kula shakerz    2009-08-05, 18:45 pm

I'm pretty sure that they will charge for it (like any other big MMO).

darklordmagus    2009-08-06, 00:41 am

I read that we will have to pa per month. I'd say no but with this one it says we can solo so I'm all for it.

KainZ7    2009-08-06, 15:12 pm

i will go for it only if it have a Dragoon/Lancer Class, they seen to do not give Spears the respect it deserve...

Storm Owl    2009-08-07, 14:19 pm

solo? which would mean playing it without having to be connected to the internet and therefor; no charges? a bit like in Diablo II, we have the option for single player or multi player type of thing?

kula shakerz    2009-08-07, 14:28 pm

Solo as in not needing 10 other people to complete a simple quest. You will always be connected.

Storm Owl    2009-08-09, 12:50 pm

ah crap...I wish they didn't put in monthly fees! :(

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