FFVII Remake Would Take Forever
Xin    2010-05-31, 23:11 pm.

During a fan Q&A at the Chinese release of Final Fantasy XIII, series director Yoshinori Kitase was again asked about a Final Fantasy VII remake for next-gen consoles. He responded with the usual:

"We've gotten this question a lot from many countries (laughs). To make FFXIII at this level of quality, it took us 3 to 4 years. If we were to make FFVII in the same style of FFXIII, it would take 10 times as long, so it would be difficult to take it up immediately. However, we always keep in mind how often this is requested."

A fair point, but in my opinion, fans aren't looking for an FFVII in the style of FFXIII, merely an FFVII with a graphical overhaul. It's play and camera systems were, and would still be, just fine~

→Ne♠Ra←    2010-06-01, 11:30 am

Lazy bums :c just hire another 2000to get it done if u have 2! We want ff vii.

<Ex>    2010-06-01, 15:09 pm

how about a ff7 in the style of crisis core? that would be kinda nice. :<

First Class Soldier    2010-06-02, 04:07 am

this is bs. if they got down 2 it, it should take less than 3 years. Everything's ready. Just update the graphics and take out the stupid don corneo scene. that was soooo gay

<Ex>    2010-06-02, 15:08 pm


kweh!    2010-06-03, 11:13 am

They can't just update the gfx because fanboys and fangirls have been too busy obsessing over the prospect of a remake that their expectations are hugely overblown. If squenix decided to go for it, they would have to do some major PR work lowering expectations. I would rather they make vsxiii and make it well.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Will Be Episodic

kula shakerz    2015-12-07    2 comments

Square Enix has announced that the Final Fantasy VII remake will be "told across a multi-part series, with each entry providing its own unique experience". Yoshinori Kitase said that they from the beginning considered it impossible to remake Final Fantasy VII into one single game and that they are unable to give any more details about the splitting at the...

Final Fantasy VII Remake Gameplay Premiere

kula shakerz    2015-12-05    2 comments

Square Enix announced the Final Fantasy VII Remake a few months ago during Sony's E3 press conference. Today they showed off the first gameplay at the PlayStation Experience keynote. Oh and the PC port of Final Fantasy VII that they trolled us with last year is available on the PlayStation 4 today!

Final Fantasy VII Arrives on iOS

Brendan    2015-08-19    0 comments

The iOS port of the PC port of Final Fantasy VII has begun its debut on the iOS App Store. Primed for iPad and iPhone, this edition is very much the same as previous PC releases in the last few months. While the game has yet to hit the North American iOS App Store it has already launched on the...