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Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy VII Remake Will Be Episodic

kula shakerz    2015-12-07    2 comments

Square Enix has announced that the Final Fantasy VII remake will be "told across a multi-part series, with each entry providing its own unique experience". Yoshinori Kitase said that they from the beginning considered it impossible to remake Final Fantasy VII into one single game and that they are unable to give any more details about the splitting at the...

Final Fantasy VII Remake Gameplay Premiere

kula shakerz    2015-12-05    2 comments

Square Enix announced the Final Fantasy VII Remake a few months ago during Sony's E3 press conference. Today they showed off the first gameplay at the PlayStation Experience keynote. Oh and the PC port of Final Fantasy VII that they trolled us with last year is available on the PlayStation 4 today!

Final Fantasy VII Arrives on iOS

Brendan    2015-08-19    0 comments

The iOS port of the PC port of Final Fantasy VII has begun its debut on the iOS App Store. Primed for iPad and iPhone, this edition is very much the same as previous PC releases in the last few months. While the game has yet to hit the North American iOS App Store it has already launched on the...

New VII, VIII, IX Guide Box Set Begins Shipping

Brendan    2015-07-07    5 comments

A few months ago it seemed that Prima's Collector's Edition Box Set for the PS1 Era Final Fantasy games was poised to release along Final Fantasy Type-0 HD. At the last moment the set was delayed for the second or third time since the its announcement last summer but in a surprise move (to me, at least) Prima has begun...

Final Fantasy VII (Not The Remake) Is Coming Out In October

kula shakerz    2015-06-22    8 comments

Remember when we all got trolled (all is forgiven now) by Square Enix during the PlayStation Experience last year? Well the good old PC port they announced back then is coming to the PlayStation 4 on October 16th and it'll cost you $15.99/£12.99/€15.99. The game is also coming to iOS devices but its unclear whether or not the release dates...

Final Fantasy VII HD Remake Announced at E3

Xin    2015-06-16    6 comments

It's been a long time. You've waited for this since E3 2005 and the PS3 Tech Demo. Wondered for years if it was going to happen. Felt a little ticked off last year when they announced the PC version was coming to PS4. But this year...this year's just a little bit different. With it's story written by Kazushige Nojima and...

New VII, VIII, IX Guide Box Set Inbound

Brendan    2015-02-25    0 comments

A burst of Square Enix news has preceded their otherwise quiet Spring schedule and, along with that, have come a few unexpected surprises. For the most dedicated fans of the Final Fantasy series, Square Enix and strategy guide partner Prima have teamed up to release a special box set of guides for Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy VIII, and Final...

Final Fantasy VII is coming to the PlayStation 4

kula shakerz    2014-12-06    4 comments

Square Enix made an appearance at Sony's PlayStation Experience press conference and revealed that they'll be releasing Final Fantasy VII on the PlayStation 4 next spring. Starting to get hyped? Well unfortunately there's no need for that. It's not a HD-remake, its just the same 4:3 (nope no 16:9 format) version that is already available on PC.

Final Fantasy VII Remade in LittleBigPlanet

kula shakerz    2014-11-18    0 comments

Jamie Colliver, a huge Final Fantasy VII fan, decided over two years ago that he wanted to remake the game in its entirety using LittleBigPlanet 2. He's finally done and his remake is mighty impressive. The remake includes the main story, side missions, all cutscenes, the soundtrack, bosses, the world map and a battle system complete with magic, summons and...

Final Fantasy VII G-BIKE coming to a mobile device near you

kula shakerz    2014-06-10    4 comments

Square Enix has revealed yet another Final Fantasy VII spin-off title. This time they're releasing a mobile game for Android and iOS devices based on the popular G-BIKE minigame from the PlayStation 1 classic. The game will be available as a free download with in-app purchases (no surprises here) and the release date is still to be decided. FINAL FANTASY...

FFVII Remake Would Take Forever

Xin    2010-05-31    5 comments

During a fan Q&A at the Chinese release of Final Fantasy XIII, series director Yoshinori Kitase was again asked about a Final Fantasy VII remake for next-gen consoles. He responded with the usual: "We've gotten this question a lot from many countries (laughs). To make FFXIII at this level of quality, it took us 3 to 4 years. If we...

Vinyl Fantasy VII - FFVII/Hip-Hop Mashup Album

Xin    2010-02-01    5 comments

It's boring out there. No SQEX news at all. So in our boredom, we gaze the blogosphere. And what do we find but something that's no less than amazing. Vinyl Fantasy VII, a mashup of various Hip-Hop artists and the Original Soundtrack to Final Fantasy VII, is brought to you by the talent over at Team Teamwork. Even if you're...

btw, Final Fantasy VII Goodness

Brendan    2009-06-04    5 comments

In case you missed it--last week's rumor turned out to be true, and Final Fantasy VII is available for download and play on the PS3 and PSP as a PSOne Classic. Be sure that your memory card is large enough, Final Fantasy VII clocks in at a wonderful 1.3GB. Also worth mentioning is the release of Final Fantasy VII: Advent...

E3: Final Fantasy VII For US PSN

Xin    2009-05-31    8 comments

If you'll recall, SquareEnix fans in Japan were given a little treat to coincide with the release of FFVII:Advent Children Complete; Final Fantasy VII on the JP PSN. With E3 starting Monday, and FFVII:ACC releaseing Tuesday, news has come out that the ESRB has rated Final Fantasy VII for release on the US PlayStation Network. Will it happen this week?...

Final Fantasy VII Available On The Japanese PSN

kula shakerz    2009-04-10    9 comments

Square Enix has released Final Fantasy VII on the Japanese PlayStation Network and the game can be played on both the PS3 and the PSP. This digital re-release of the 4 disk "International" version costs 1500 yen and weighs in at a massive 1715 MB. It is currently unknown whether or not this will come to the European or North...