Watch The First Two Hours Of Final Fantasy X HD On The Vita
kula shakerz    2013-12-29, 10:22 am.

The Final Fantasy X and X-2 HD remakes are out in Japan and YouTube user m00sicianEN has uploaded the first two hours of gameplay from the PS Vita version. The European and North American versions are still three months away from release so this will give you a chance to see if its worth pre-ordering or not.

Vivi 88    2013-12-29, 10:53 am

Looks great but you can see that the animations are getting a bit old. The characters seem a bit stiff compared to more recent games.

k3fka!    2013-12-29, 16:21 pm

Haha yea the animations do look a bit weird compared to newer games but the textures look surprisingly good. The PS Vita version will probably look better than the PS3 one thanks to the smaller screen.

Brendan    2013-12-30, 04:42 am

Frankly, if you DON'T preorder this or buy it at launch, then you're a terrible person and we'll NEVER get Final Fantasy XII in HD. <_<

darklordmagus    2013-12-30, 21:23 pm

I PO'd the PS3 version from EB Games, but will pick up the Vita version on release day from BestBuy or EB Games same day... kinda want the SQ Store CE version, but yeah... added cost for just an art book.... i dunnooo...

Xin    2013-12-31, 00:53 am

At this point I would rather FFXII not be remade and sequel-ized like the rest of the series.Because hot damn it's all terrible.

misspoptart    2014-01-03, 09:36 am

his accent is so hot. narrate anything, ever. austrian? also: excited.

AND WHY IS THE JAPANESE VOICE ACTING sooooo endlessly better than the English? I wish I could play the Japanese version of this. :)

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