I Am Setsuna Available Now
Brendan    2016-07-23, 20:40 pm.

Tokyo RPG Factory’s newest title, I Am Setsuna, is out now for PS4, PSVita, and Steam. It arrives to overall middling reviews that nevertheless still capture a fondness for the game's style and story—which isn’t bad given its $40 price tag.

Polygon, awarding the game an 85/100, wrote:

It's not a new classic by any stretch, but I Am Setsuna demonstrates a great understanding and mastery of what made Square Enix's past successes work so well. It might have benefited from stripping down the mechanics even more, or spending more resources creating a wider range of locations and enemies. But as it is, I Am Setsuna is a soft, sad experience that nonetheless filled me with joy. That should tell you everything.

GameInformer, with its less forgiving 75/100, opined:

I Am Setsuna has lots of nods to Chrono Trigger, from its general combat framework to specific references to skills like X-Strike and Luminaire. However, it doesn’t capture why most players connected to that seminal title. Even though the combat is entertaining, I Am Setsuna’s characters are dull, the environments are repetitive, and the story is predictable.

Except for its art style, I Am Setsuna never managed to appeal to me. Have any of you played it? Be sure to share your thoughts.

kula shakerz    2016-07-25, 11:37 am

Downloading it now :)

Update: Been playing for a few hours and it's pretty good! Old school JRPG with a ATB system and an overworld that you can explore like in FFVII-IX. There are also no random encounters and the battle system kinda reminds me of the one from Chrono Trigger.

Update2: Do not forget to save! I'm so used to auto-saving games that I forgot to save and lost a few hours of progress when I managed to wipe to a high level monster.

Brendan    2016-07-26, 04:09 am

No random encounters? Sheesh I think I'm in love already. What about the art direction (criticized as repetitive) or the soundtrack?

kula shakerz    2016-07-26, 10:12 am

I really like the art style but it can be a bit monotonous since everything is covered in snow and they also seem to be fond of re-using game assets.

The soundtrack is piano based but there is a hint of percussion in a few of the tracks.

All in all, I'm really enjoying it and I'm looking forward to see what they can do with a bigger budget and a bit more development time.

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