FFXI Launch Gone Wrong?
kula shakerz    2002-05-23, 00:00 am.

Since launch day, FFXI has experienced some major problems. An overabundance in the amount of users registering could not be handled by the servers. In addition, WebMoney, a renowned company handling the PlayOnline monetary billing, could not take care of the amount of users itself. Even PlayOnline's website was experiencing problems, and user support could not take care of the vast amount of disgruntled players unable to play.

Square has verified Maniachi Interactive's claim that a considerable amount of Final Fantasy XI units have shipped without a useful registration code, unique to each purchased unit. In other words: No working code, no PlayOnline, and no FFXI.

Square has been noted to state that the problems with the user codes will be handled on an individual basis, because they cannot find the source of the problem, and add that some errors may be in typing in the registration itself.

Also mentioned was the possibility that codes can become useless if registration is halted, due either to the server or connection difficulty.

There is a toll-free phone number to contact Square regarding FFXI support, and it is (0120) 540-882. In addition to that, Square's President Youichi Wada announced in an officual press release that Square will drop the user fees for FFXI and PlayOnline to make up for the massive problems rendering FFXI useless until 6-30-2002.

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