Final Fantasy Tactics Advance
Ikuzo    2002-08-31, 00:00 am.

What it seemed as a remake turned out to be a whole new game. Final Fantasy Tactics Advance begins with a mysterious book. It has an ability to turn the world into a world of "Swords and Magic".

A group of 3 modern day students venture the world, in search of a way to restore the world to its normal state. The main character is an ordinary young boy named Marshe. Raised by a good family, he is strong and caring and he can somehow sense people's emotions. Along with Marshe, two other main characters decides to follow his adventure. An unsociable boy named Mute and a very confident girl named Ritsu. Mute is a shy, unsociable boy. He is one of those kids who is teased a lot. He is not a communication type person, but is a great friend with Marshe. Ritsu grew up around males, which made her speak and act like a boy. She is confident in herself to win any competitions. She is student who is capable of doing all sorts of things, but only a few admire her because of her "just-do-it!" kind of personality.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance will incorporate 3 new systems along with all the other systems from the previous title such as the classic Job Change system.

  1. Judgement System Battle is now judged by a "Judge" who will decide the final decision. It is possible that you will be treated unfairly by the "Judge" as you play on through the game.

  2. Clan System You can now form or join a clan. You can recruit members or accept requests. Being a leader of a large clan could make you a famous?

  3. Region Create System FFTA does not have a properly made world map, which means you can create one of your own!

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance is due to be released this year in Japan.

All of this information was read from the images linked below. It is tentative and subject to change.

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