Kingdom Hearts Final Mix
Ikuzo    2002-08-31, 01:00 am.

More details on Kingdom Hearts Final Remix has been revealed by a popular Japanese magazine "Jump". It looks like FF7 fans will be excited. Kingdom Hearts Final Remix can be taken as a international version. All the character voices are in english, which also means all the Disney characters are acted by the real people!

Also, extra characters were added in the Final Remix. Sephiroth, from Final Fantasy 7 is probably the most major character added. Unfortunately, he is not on your side. others are Ice Titan, Card Siza(?) and much more that couldn't make their appearance in the original version.

Gameplay has also been Final Remixed. Looks like Square has added difficulty modes so you can play again once you've finished, and also new abilities were added.

It sure sounds exciting! It's due to be released in Japan in Winter this year.

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