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Kingdom Hearts

Square Enix puts out Kingdom Hearts survey

kula shakerz    2014-03-07    3 comments

Square Enix has posted an online survey where they ask fans of the Kingdom Hearts series for feedback on the franchise as well as what they would like to see included in future releases. The survey also includes questions about which gaming systems you own (they forgot to add the PSP and PS Vita), your favourite TV shows, favourite musical...

Kingdom Hearts 3D Trailer + News

Xin    2011-01-18    0 comments

Kingdom Hearts 3DS had it's official debut earlier today, beginning with the game's official title: Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance The 3D effects will mainly apply to vertical elements; jumping, gliding, falling, etc. It will also serve as a new take on the series platforming elements. Sora and Riku will both be playable, and the game will feature a...

Kingdom Hearts Piano Collection Announced

Xin    2009-04-03    5 comments

SquareEnix Music is bringing delight to your ears once again, as we are once and forever shown that Final Fantasy isn't the only series worthy of the ivories. In a brief video announcement, KH Composer Yoko Shimomura announced the company's plans to release a Kingdom Hearts Piano Collection in May. In fact, you can watch the clip now and catch...

Topping Ten Million

Brendan    2007-02-19    0 comments

Kingdom Hearts, another smash hit of Square Enix, recently hit the 10 million unit mark. The series, which premiered in 2002 with "Kingdom Hearts," was followed up with a sequel in 2004 for the Gameboy Advance, "Chain of Memories," and most recently with the release of "Kingdom Hearts II" in 2005. The tally accounts for all regions in which the...

Kingdom Hearts has sold over 4 million copies

sifar    2004-03-17    0 comments

Square Enix has announced that over 4 million copies of Kingdom Hearts (PS2, Action RPG) have been delivered worldwide up to date. The game sold 1.23 million copies in Japan (March, 2002), 820,000 copies in Europe (November, 2002), and about 2 million copies in North America (September, 2002). The new Kingdom Hearts franchise has become popular like Square Enix's Final...

Kingdom Hearts Snags Another Award

sifar    2003-08-01    0 comments

Square Enix's blockbuster title Kingdom Hearts has been honored with the Best Story Award at the first annual Glow Awards during an event held at Hollywood's Henry Fonda Theater. Square Enix's collaberation with Disney Interactive had been nominated for a total of nine awards. Representing Square Enix, director and character designer Tetsuya Nomura was at hand to accept the award....

KH2 confirmed by Square Enix

sifar    2003-04-01    0 comments

Square Enix has told Reuters that a sequel for Kingdom Hearts is already in development. No platform has been mentioned, however, it is assumed to come on the PlayStation 2 or at least on the PS3. This is because Yoichi Wade (president of Square Enix) has stated that he wants to be commited to the consoles that support Square Enix...

Tetsuya Nomura recieves an IGDA Award

sifar    2003-03-11    0 comments

Kingdom Hearts was recognized by the International Developers Association (IGDA) for its excellence in the category of Visual Arts. The event took place on the third Annual Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Jose, California. Tetsuya Nomura said the following after recieving the award: "On behalf of the Square, Disney Interactive and our development team, I would like to thank...

Kingdom Hearts 2 confirmed?!

sifar    2003-03-09    0 comments

A few days back, Quiter announced that Kingdom Hearts 2 was confirmed. The source was said to be anonymous, but was one that was heavily reliable since he/she had been right on many occassions. Kingdom Hearts was an action-RPG game that faired very well in sales, both overseas and in Japan. Rumours had it that President Yochi Wada was interested...

New Kingdom hearts artwork books

sifar    2003-01-28    0 comments

DigiCube has just shown Kingdom Hearts' new poster book which holds all of the game's released artworks. This book was a long time coming, but due to several difficulties, it was only released recently. The book's pages are in A2 size and the whole book contains 10 posters. All the artwork and posters have been kept in a fashion so...

Gamespot's Best Of 2002

sifar    2003-01-19    0 comments

Gamespot has released the best games of 2002 as stated by its readers. For the PlayStation 2, Kingdom Hearts came runner up in the PS2 game of year category. It came 2nd only to Grand Theft Auto : Vice City. In the best PS2 RPG category, Suikoden 3 took the prize. Kingdom Hearts did not fit into the category and...

KH : FM Strategy Guide Sells Well

sifar    2003-01-16    0 comments

Manufacturer of the Kingdom Hearts Final Mix game guide, Bentstuff, has had to start production of more game guides due to the previous batch selling out. The game guide was titled Ultimania, and the new batch has to be printed by the end of this month or else, stores will not be able to keep up with the demand. Not...

Kingdom Hearts Is A Success

kula shakerz    2002-12-27    0 comments

Square Electronic Arts L.L.C. has announced that the Square/Disney collaboration,Kingdom Hearts, has sold more than 3 million copies worldwide and over 1 million is the US alone! If you loved the game and want more or still havent bought it then (and live in Japan) there is a new edittion named Kingdom Hearts Final Mix (released on the 26th). It...

Kingdom Hearts: Final Mix Platinum Edition

kula shakerz    2002-12-03    0 comments

Previously believed to have been a port of the English version of Kingdom Hearts, Square has announced that Kingdom Hearts: Final Mix will include new extras not found in the English version of the game. A limited edition version of Final Mix, with the long-winded name of Kingdom Hearts: Final Mix ~Platinum Edition~, will also be released. The Platinum Editon...

Kingdom Hearts II&III?

kula shakerz    2002-09-27    0 comments

KINGDOM HEARTS 2 and 3 are now under production says SQUARE representitives in JAPAN. KH 2 is said to be out as early as March of next year and the US/PAL versions are said to be released in summer of 2003. We'll keep updated on this as more news gets released.