Dragon Quest VIII details
kula shakerz    2004-07-10, 09:19 am.

Square Enix revealed new details regarding Dragon Quest VIII. During battles the main character will be able to perform special attacks using his sword. So far only one special attack has been confirmed, it's a fire.based move dealing massive damage to the enemies. Each character also has it's special role in the party.

Yangus, the physicaly powefull character treats the protagonist as his younger brother. Jessica is mainly using magic, especially deadly attack spells. Kukuru is a member it a member of a monastery's military unit. His unique uniform shows that he is of a higher rank, and he can attack with both his magic skills and his sword. The final cast member is Torode, a short green-skinned character. This sage-like figure will not participate in battle, but instead coach the team from the sidelines and manage their items.

Dragon Quest VIII will be released in Japan sometime this winter. North American and European releases have not yet been confirmed.

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Dragon Quest VIII Is Coming To The 3DS In August

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Dragon Quest VIII released for Android and iOS

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European Dragon Quest VIII Release

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