More FFTactics Advance
Ikuzo    2002-09-05, 00:00 am.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance just keeps looking better as Famitsu, a Japanese gaming magazine reveal more of Final Fantasy Tactics Advance's hidden details!

Detailed Intro: Marshe Radius lived in a rough family. Soon he had to move out to live in a small village called St.Evalise. Marshe was having some difficulties getting used to the village lifestyle but without really noticing, 2 friends starting to gather around him. A shy boy named Mute Randel who gets teased because of his low self esteem. A self centered girl named Ritz Marule who takes competitions serious all the time. These three are friends, but not as close to be able to call themselves as soul mates. One day, the three friends found an ancient book named Gran Grenmore. With the mysterious power of the ancient book, St.Evalise turns into a world of "Sword and Magic". A world of deserted towns, mysterious tribes and a knight named Judge. The world Evalise were identicle to the game the three friends were playing. Final Fantasy was it's name. And so their quest to return the world to its original state begins.

Tribes There are 5 tribes! Human, Moogle, N.Mu, Bunger and Viera.

Judge System: Evalise has created a rule called "Row" to stop murder and wars upon the land. Judge is always watching the battle no matter where you are. The rule "Row" can be used as your advantage as well as used against you.

Region Create System: Evalise is not a real world, it's just a illusion world of you and the book, Gran Grenmore. You can place a symbol that you get from quests and put them anywhere on the map. It's your world!

Cid is also going to appear in the game. Also the game will have quests request from the NPCs that you can do or ignore.

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Tactics Advance Out Now on Wii U in EU and NA

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To the surprise and delight of Final Fantasy Tactics fans in the United States, Square Enix has released the game for both Europe and North America today. The announcement of a European virtual release preceded a North American confirmation by a few days; but as of this morning the title is live in both virtual console stores. In North America,...

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Handheld game of the year

kula shakerz    2004-03-07    0 comments

Square Enix's tactical RPG Game Boy Advance title Final Fantasy Tactics Advance won an award for handheld game of the year at the annual Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences award ceremony.