FFXI Update Info
Ikuzo    2002-09-12, 00:00 am.

PlayOnline has put up a section regarding the recent update they did for the Final Fantasy XI servers. Although the downloading of the update took at least 1 hour on 56k, it seems like the users are enjoying it.

Changes/updates/features: - Title Screen background was changed.

  • Level Cap streched to Lv.55 Before the update, the level cap was Lv.50. To advance to Lv.51, players are required to finish a quest called "Challenge to the limit".

  • Additional Monsters High level monsters were added. To name an example, Vehemoth (I don't know how to spell) is one.

  • Introduction to Chain Bonus Chain Bonus is basically the same as the one in The Bouncer. If you happen to defeat a monster and another monster in a certain time, you'll receive bonus experience points. Unfortunately, the maximum chain number you can have is 10. 10 or more will be counted as 10 Chain bonus.

  • Theif In almost every dungeon, you'll find a mysterious treasure box. Theives can open them using their "Theif Tool" and "Living Key". Also theif ability "Treasure Hunter II" has been added, but the abilities "Gil Steal" and "Blast Attack" was reserved for later update.

  • Bard Now players using bard can double the songs they play to increase the healing rate. Also more songs were added.

  • Beast Master As you all know beast master can controll monsters for a certain amount of time. The time is calculated below: Length = Monster Lv - Your Lv + CHR It depends on your charisma, in another word. The command "Wait" has been added to the pet commands. Also the level to be able to use the command "Go Away" has been reduced to Lv.35

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