New Dynamis Areas In Upcoming Final Fantasy XI Update
kula shakerz    2005-11-28, 15:07 pm.

Dynamis that was introduced to Final Fantasy XI players in February 2004, is a collection of special battlefields designed for alliances with a maximum of 64 players. As mentioned in recent articles regarding the Fellowship system, the simultaneous display of characters on screen is limited due to memory restrictions on the client side (PlayStation 2), which created fears that such expansive battles would create too great of a processing burden. However, the FINAL FANTASY XI Development Team made player enjoyment the main priority, and worked hard to make Dynamis a reality. As of now, countless players have ventured to Dynamis, but the extraordinary difficulty of the areas makes return trips a necessity.

In the last version update, Square Enix introduced the new area "Limbus" for an alliance of 18 players to enjoy as often as they wish. The area was created with comments in mind that Dynamis requires too much time and too many people, and as a result, Limbus was made comparatively less demanding. However, Limbus is rather straightforward, and players who have already conquered Dynamis may find the area lacking in excitement. Therefore, they have decided to release new Dynamis areas for advanced players.

The following areas exist but have yet to be made public:

Dynamis - Valkurm Dynamis - Buburimu Dynamis - Qufim Dynamis - Tavnazia

In the next version update, they plan to release the first three areas to the public servers.

New features will also be released in accordance with the new areas.

-New story developments -New items that can be used to improve relic armor -New items available only in the new Dynamis areas -Relic equipment and ancient currency that players could earn in previously released Dynamis areas will also be available in the new areas

Both the "Rise of the Zilart" and "Chains of Promathia" expansion packs must be installed in order to access the new areas. As in previously released Dynamis areas, players may enter the new areas once every three days. In addition, up to 36 players may access the new areas at a time.

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