Final Fantasy Type-0
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Final Fantasy Type-0 is the third Square Enix title that will release exclusively to mobile phones. Directed by Hojime Tabata, Agito XIII will be the tale of students trained at a mysterious school that focuses upon the art of combat and war.

The story of the game will evolve from the small scale inner workings of the school to the greater conflict that the shifting winds of change that will ravage upon the world. Square Enix says that Agito XIII “provides players with a unique take on a story accessible anywhere their real-life adventures may take them.”

Agito is latin for “to engage in motion,” and forms the base of the English derivative “agitate.”

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Has Arrived

Brendan    2015-03-17    4 comments

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD was released in North America today, marking the start of a week's worth of releases in various regions across the world. Yesterday, review embargoes were lifted and multiple publications were allowed to post their thoughts on the long-awaited western release of Final Fantasy Type-0. I've gathered a few key impressions and linked to the full text...

One More Type-0 HD Trailer for the Road

Brendan    2015-03-15    5 comments

With Type-0 HD only days away, Square Enix is still cranking out trailers in an effort to lure in any hesitant, last-minute gamers (I'm looking at you, xin -_- ) before next week's worldwide release. Their newest trailer elaborates on the roots that Type-0 HD shares with the lore and mythology of the Final Fantasy series as a whole. Personally,...

Type-0 HD English Trailer at PAX

Brendan    2015-03-08    2 comments

With Type-0 HD a little over a week away from release worldwide, Square Enix is spotlighting the game's english voice acting crew. It's a nice change from the traditionally Japanese-heavy voice acting that has permeated most of the recent trailer releases. This trailer features Machina and Rem quite prominently but doesn't shy away from the voices of the game's other...