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Final Fantasy Type-0

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Has Arrived

Brendan    2015-03-17    4 comments

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD was released in North America today, marking the start of a week's worth of releases in various regions across the world. Yesterday, review embargoes were lifted and multiple publications were allowed to post their thoughts on the long-awaited western release of Final Fantasy Type-0. I've gathered a few key impressions and linked to the full text...

One More Type-0 HD Trailer for the Road

Brendan    2015-03-15    5 comments

With Type-0 HD only days away, Square Enix is still cranking out trailers in an effort to lure in any hesitant, last-minute gamers (I'm looking at you, xin -_- ) before next week's worldwide release. Their newest trailer elaborates on the roots that Type-0 HD shares with the lore and mythology of the Final Fantasy series as a whole. Personally,...

Type-0 HD English Trailer at PAX

Brendan    2015-03-08    2 comments

With Type-0 HD a little over a week away from release worldwide, Square Enix is spotlighting the game's english voice acting crew. It's a nice change from the traditionally Japanese-heavy voice acting that has permeated most of the recent trailer releases. This trailer features Machina and Rem quite prominently but doesn't shy away from the voices of the game's other...

Another Type-0 Trailer Arrives!

Brendan    2014-12-18    0 comments

Final Fantasy Type-0 has gotten one more trailer in time for the holidays, although this entry focuses on the various characters of Class Zero, the cadet group charged with countering the invading Empire. Ace, Seven, and King are only a few of the names that pop up the trailer, but long time Type-0 observers will likely be somewhat familiar with...

Type-0 HD Receiving Collector's Editions

Brendan    2014-12-14    0 comments

Following the trends set by Kingdom Heart 2.5 HD Remix and Final Fantasy X | X-2 HD Remaster, the upcoming release of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD will see a Collector's Edition debut across several territories. In North America, Type-0's Collector's Edition will include special steel case packaging, a manga, a selection of OST tracks chosen by Takeharu Ishimoto, an art-book,...

Type-0 Gets a Propaganda Trailer

Brendan    2014-12-06    0 comments

Though Final Fantasy Type-0 HD is only a mere three months away, Square Enix has released an interesting trailer that puts a pro-Militesi (read as: the bad guys) spin on the war for Orience. For fans that have abstained from plot details, Type-0 HD begins with a Militesi invasion of Rubrum, the homeland of Class 0, the player-controlled group of...

Type-0 HD 80% Done, Says Tabata

Brendan    2014-08-29    5 comments

At the PAX Prime videogame conference in Seattle, WA this week attendees were treated to roughly 20 minutes of the HD Remaster of Final Fantasy Type-0. It's the first serious mention of the remaster's existence and progress from Square Enix since being formally announced at E3 2014 back in June. Back then, Almost immediately after the game's announcement, a fan...

Fan-made Final Fantasy Type-0 localization coming in August

kula shakerz    2014-03-15    3 comments

Final Fantasy Type-0, originally named Final Fantasy Agito XIII, was first presented during E3 2006 as part of the Fabula Nova Crystalis series. The game was subsequently released in Japan for the PlayStation Portable on October 27th 2011. The title has has yet to see a western release. A team of fans has, since then, taken upon them the task...

Agito XIII Is Final Fantasy Type-0

Xin    2011-01-18    3 comments

Another of the big reveals today was Final Fantasy Agito XIII, or as it's now known, Final Fantasy Type-0. Why the name change? Game Director Tabata simply thought "the game wasn't enough like Final Fantasy XIII". Type-0 will feature over 30 voiced characters, and will be the first (and most likely last) PSP game to require two UMDs. The voice...

New Agito Trailer Spans The Map

Xin    2009-04-20    5 comments

Before long, it will be a free-for-all in the news section with Iso, PG and myself fighting it out to see who gets an article out first. So I shall strike first with a new trailer. Gamersyde has posted a new trailer for Final Fantasy agitoXIII, packaged with the FFVII:ACC release in Japan. A trailer for versusXIII was also included,...

AgitoXIII Scans: Castles, Cards & Classmates

Xin    2008-10-22    1 comment

New scans for the now PSP exclusive Final Fantasy agitoXIII, which is just the start of this weeks Fabula Nova Crystallis media blitz in the JP publications. Link >> 01 & 02 It's unknown whether these are from the as yet publicly un-shown PSP version, though I don't think it matters. The game looks great~

DKΣ3713: Agito XIII PSP Bound

Brendan    2008-08-02    6 comments

As a part of the flurry of console and release announcements, Final Fantasy Agito XIII will be joining the likes of the Star Ocean and Kingdom Hearts games on the Sony PSP. No other concrete details have been released at this time, but we will be sure to keep you updated!

Has Agito been Cancelled?

Brendan    2008-05-27    7 comments

With the press getting all riled up over Square Enix's financial numbers, rumors are hitting the web about about cancellations, shake up threats, and all manner of corporate drama. Whether or not you think the sky is falling in on Square, there is a piece of news to be heard. According to Kotaku, the RPG maker has sent off a...

A Fabulous Decade

Brendan    2007-04-24    0 comments

Square Enix has given fans the world over reasons to clap and cry, all at once. In an interview with Nintendo Dream, and subsequently hijacked by IGN, Shinji Hashimoto divulged more details on the company’s intentions to draw out the Fabula Nova Crystallis project over the next ten years, likening it to the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII series. "Although...