Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Has Arrived
Brendan    2015-03-17, 19:26 pm.

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD was released in North America today, marking the start of a week's worth of releases in various regions across the world. Yesterday, review embargoes were lifted and multiple publications were allowed to post their thoughts on the long-awaited western release of Final Fantasy Type-0. I've gathered a few key impressions and linked to the full text below.

Via Destructoid's Chris Carter:

Although it doesn't necessarily justify the HD treatment at every turn, the core game is worth playing whether you're a fan of the franchise, or just enjoy challenging tactical action. If Square keeps highlighting and pushing quality experiences like this, it will prove to more people it hasn't lost its touch.

Via Polygon's Philip Kollar

It discovers a fine balance the series has been sorely missing, between simplicity and complexity, difficulty and approachability, scope and scale. It also finds its own voice and a wide variety of things to keep players busy. Not all of those activities are handled perfectly, but damn it, I'd rather have a game that tries something interesting and occasionally stumbles than another generic saving-the-world epic.

Via IGN's Meghan Sullivan:

Type-0’s gritty tone, fast-paced action, and strategic approach to time management is a welcome change of pace from the usual Final Fantasy experience. Though an exasperating camera and clunky mission controls sometimes dampened my fun, I enjoyed meeting the Class Zero cadets and guiding them through battle. There’s definitely no other class quite like them.

Not that it needs to be mentioned for the millionth time, but launch day editions of Type-0 HD also come with download vouchers for Episode Duscae, the demo for Final Fantasy XV, which will give gamers the best look yet at the next major entry in the series. Do you have Type-0 HD? What are your thoughts? Sound off in the comments!

Xin    2015-03-17, 23:42 pm

ughhh this game better be good. gd demo. you got me again, square!

kula shakerz    2015-03-18, 07:47 am

My copy is on the way so I'll probably get it today or tomorrow! I think that I'll start with the demo first :p

Got the game but the demo download code isn't valid yet :(

Brendan    2015-03-21, 03:38 am

I'm about twenty hours in. I love everyone in class zero with two huge exceptions: Cinque and Jack. They're powerful melee but dreadfully slow, to the point that I never play them. Episode Duscae is fun but, without any hint of plot, is super boring. But still, all of it was worth the wait.

kula shakerz    2015-03-24, 10:05 am

Haven't tried Type-0 yet but I have played the XV demo for like 30 minutes. The game looks amazing but I'm still not sure about the battle system.

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