Triple Triad

kula shakerz    2003-03-04, 14:40 pm.

In Final Fantasy VIII there is a mini game called Triple Triad. This guide will tell you how to get started and it has a list of all 100 cards.

Getting Started: To start playing Triple Trial you'll need some cards, to get some just go to the guy standing outside the elevator in Balamb Garden, talk to him and he'll give you 7 cards (you need at least 5 to play). To challenge players just walk up to them and press the square button. Its a good idea to save before each game in case you loose some good cards. Well now you're ready so start playing!

Level 1: Monster Cards Bite Bug, Blobra, Blood Soul, Caterchipillar, Cockatrice, Fastitocalon-F, Funguar, Gayla, Geezard, Gesper, Red Bat.

Level 2: Monster Cards Anacondaur, Belhelmel, Buel, Creeps, Glacial Eye, Grand Mantis, Grat, Grendel, Jellyeye, Mesmerize, Thrustaevis.

Level 3: Monster Cards Abyss Worm, Armadodo, Cactuar, Death Claw, Fastitocalon, Forbidden, Ochu, SAM08G, Snow Lion, Tonberry, Tri-Face.

Level 4: Monster Cards Adamantoise, Blitz, Blue Dragon, Bomb, Hexadragon, Imp, T-Rexaur, Torama, Turtapod, Vysage, Wendigo.

Level 5: Monster Cards Behemoth, Chimera, Elastoid, Elnoyle, GIM47N, Iron Giant, Malboro, PuPu, Ruby Dragon, Tonberry King, Wedge & Biggs.

Level 6: Boss Cards Abadon, Elvoret, Fujin & Raijin, Gerogero, Granaldo, Iguion, Krysta, Oilboyle, Shumi Tribe, Trauma, X-ATM092.

Level 7: Boss Cards BGH251F2, Catoblepas, Gargantua, Jumbo Cactuar, Mobile Type 8, Propagator, Red Giant, Sphinxara, Tiamat, Tri-Point, Ultima Weapon.

Level 8: GF Cards Angelo, Chicobo, Chubby Chocobo, Gilgamesh, Ifrit, Minimog, Minotaur, Quezacotl, Sacred, Shiva, Siren.

Level 9: GF Cards Alexander, Bahamut, Carbuncle, Cerberus, Diablos, Doomtrain, Eden, Leviathan, Odin, Pandemona, Phoenix.

Level 10: Character Cards Edea, Irvine, Kiros, Laguna, Quistis, Rinoa, Seifer, Selphie, Squall, Ward, Zell.

SeeD Tests

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